Join us for a workshop event to experience Japanese culture in OSAKA

– Japanese cultural experience events are held every Thursday at 5:00 pm.
– You do not need to sign up to participate.
– Participation is free of charge.

Let’s write your name in Kanji characters in calligraphy!

Our Japanese staff will assign Kanji characters based on the reading of your name. A kanji can have several readings. We will imagine your character, your favorite thing, etc. and come up with the appropriate Kanji for you.

Trent : TO –> 飛(fly), REN –> 恋(love), TO –> 登(climb)
Agi : A –> 亜(sub), GI –> 葵(hollyhock)
Lola : LO –> 桜(cherry blossom), LA –> 楽 (fun, enjoy)
Nicole : NI –>二 (two),  CO –> 虎(tiger), LE –> 流 (flow)
Jonas : JO –> 夜 (night), Na –> 那 (wish), SU –> 澄 (pure)


Let’s try folding ORIGAMI!